Attack on Hill 60

Event date

3rd May 1915


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The unnamed soldier who held a railway cutting against a German counter attack on Hill 60, turns out to be Sergt. Charles Blake, 6069,  Machine  Gun Section Of the 1st Bedfordshire Regiment, whose wife and family live at 5, Chobham Street.   In a letter to his wife he says: "You will be pleased to know that i earned myself a name, and have been recommended for the D.C.M. for holding with a gun against the German attack a trench which they tried in vain to retake.  I had my gun guarding a railway cutting, where they were coming along to counter attack and retake the hill, but they found me with one man and the gun, and we held them and drove them back-- what few there were to get out of it.   I don't know how I came out of such a fight, and I'm glad I'm out of it to tell the tale."

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Author: David Watson

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