Army Concert Biscot Boys

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27th July 1917
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There was a good muster of Biscot boys on Friday evening at a concert given on the ground adjoining the Church Army Hut in Dunstable-road, when Mr. John Gates presided. Mr. W. R. Phillips, J. P.. lent a party of men to erect a, substantial platform, and the arrangements were capably carried out. The concert was under the direction of Mr. Dud Shaw and Bandmaster H. Alexander, of Biscot, whose band rendered several selections during the evening. The artistes included: Gnr. S. Haysman (baritone), Sgt. Millie (piccolo soloist), Gnr. Voorzanger (violinist), Pte. Cotton A.S.C, (comedy juggler). Bombardier- Vallins (humorist), and Miss Linda Sills (vocalist), it was the first concert given since Mr Newman and Miss Stone have had the supervision of the Hut in succession to Mrs. Warner, who was previously superintending that work. It is interesting to note that Mr. Newman was invalided out of the Army, having served in the ranks in the Royal Fusiliers for two years, and having seen active service in France. Prior to his installation at this Hut, he was engaged in similar work at Rugeley, and a warm welcome was extended to him at the concert. Mr. J. Gates, in his capacity as chairman, thanked the artistes for their services.

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