Army Boxing Tournament R.F.A.

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25th August 1917

Luton ward

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The Luton News , 25th August 1917

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1917-08-25 00:00:00
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This Saturday afternoon an interesting boxing tournament took place on the Luton F.C. ground, when a military boxing tournament was organised by the Number 6 Reserve Brigade Royal Field Artillery (R.F.A.) in aid of local charities. Although the sky was rather clouded, the weather throughout was excellent, and resulted in a good attendance of those interested in the noble art.

The ring was arranged in the centre of the ground, and a good number of officers occupied the nearer seats. Wounded soldiers were also accommodated. 

After the evenings fights, Colonel H.C. Alexander (Commandant No' 6 Reserve Brigade R.F.A.) presented the prizes. 

6 Round Bouts

  • Driver Kelly (Aldershot) vs Gunner Monkfield (Luton).

An evenly matched bout, Kelly declared the winner on points.

  •  Driver Nick Carter (R.F.A. Luton) vs Driver F. Mandy (R.F.A. Hemel Hempstead)

Carter, although having less reach, was the heavier built man and got in some strong blows. Mandy retired in the 4th round, having had the worst of it.

  • Shoeing Smith Beasley (R.F.A. Luton) vs Young Draper (New Town, Luton).

Beasley was the winner on points, and was loudly cheered after a spirited finish.

  • Young Welsh (R.F.A.) vs Private Dew (T.R.)

An uneven contest in which, Private Dew was clearly outclassed and outfought. After being knocked over several times, Private Dew retired. The crowd admired his tenacity and politely applauded.

  • Corporal Abbey vs Bombardier Inman (R.F.A.)

An impressive first round knockout was achieved by Inman who delivered a flurry of impressive blows, and then finished with a terrific left hook.

  • Bert Ritchie (London Scottish) vs E. White (London Scottish). Both men members of the Lynn A.C. Boxing club in London.

A return match, won by Ritchie on points after a clever bout. 

10 Round Bouts

  • Gunner Rose (R.F.A.) vs Private S.E. Coggings (Training Reserve)

Some hard skilfull boxing was seen, with strong driving blows. Rose having the best of it, especially towards the end of the fighting. But in the 9th round, Coggins could have pulled off an upset as Rose looked tired. Coggins retired in the 10th round, and Rose was given an ovation.

  • Sergeant J. Irving (Army Service Corps, Blackheath) vs Sergeant Battling Morgan (Royal Garrison Artillery, Borden)

Irving took the place of Driver F. Housego, who was in hospital due to an accident. The fight started with some clever evenly matched boxing, that went on until the 9th round when Sgt. Irving began to deliver more telling blows and Morgan tired. But despite this, Morgan won on points.

  • Sapper W. Jones (Royal Engineers, Bedford) vs Horace Smith (Commer Cars, Luton).

Jones was very much outmatched by his opponent throughout, and retired in the third round having been hurt. The winner, Horace Smith, will now meet Joe Buckingham (Luton) in a future bout.


  • President: Captain C. Lane
  • Secretary: Lieutenant W.H.C. Baker 
  • Referee: Mr. J. T. Hulls ("Sporting Life")
  • Timekeepers:
    • Major J.W. Hind
    • Mr F. Collins
  • MCs:
    • Major A.G. Scammell, D.S.O.
    • Mr. R. Weatherhead
  • Whip: "Curly" Curtiss
  • Seconds:
    • Sergeant Squelch
    • Gunner Donaldson
    • Gunner Merritt
    • "Young Lippo"

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