Rifleman Arthur Thomas Mahon

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Arthur Thomas

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Rifleman Arthur Thomas Mahon, 301057, London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade), was killed in action on July 1st, 1916, at the age of 19. Born in Aberdeen, he was the son of the Rev Edward Mahon, Pastor of King Street Congregational Church, Luton, and Mrs Agnes Catherine Mahon, of 48 Napier Road, Luton.

The Pastor told a meeting of church deacons on July 18th that letters from comrades suggested that there was little hope that his son, who officially was reported missing, had survived. One letter intimated that Rifleman Mahon was engaged in laying a telegraph wire across 'No Man's Land' at night-time when he was wounded. The writer did not extend any hopes of his being alive.

It had been hoped that Arthur had been taken as a prisoner of war, but his father's inquiries at the War Office had failed to sustain that hope.

Rifleman Mahon had almost completed his course of training as an electrical engineer and he was attached to the Signals Section. He joined the London Rifle Brigade in 1915 at the age of 18½ and was sent to France in the August.


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United Kingdom

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48 Napier Road
United Kingdom

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Rifleman Arthur Thomas Mahon

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1 916

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Saturday, July 1, 1916


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Thursday, July 20, 1916