1918 Regimental Sports Day Wardown Park

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20th July 1918

Successful Day at Wardown.

One of those occasions which do so much to foster the right spirit among a large body of men WAS arranged for the R.F.A, depot from Biscot on Saturday, when the regimental sports were held at Wardown.

The organisers were kept on tenterhooks until , the last . minute, for the unfettled weather had anything but an encouraging influence upon the public, who were expected in large numbers. However, after a few showers the weather cleared up and for some time during the afternoon, the organising officers were rewarded with a large and appreciative audience.

The arrangements were on lines far from niggardly, and were carried out with military smartness and dispatch. The winning posts were connected with the signal board by telephone, and the results of the races were thus made known to the crowd within a few seconds of their completion

The military police, under Sgt. J. Saville, did good work at the ropes, their services being the more appreciated by reason of the fact that this work was voluntarily undertaken in addition to their usual duties.

A musical programme was given during the afternoon by the Middlesex Regiment Depot Band, under Bandmaster G. E. Hudson (by permission of Lieut.-Col. W. D. Ingle), and later on selections were rendered by the Biscot Orchestra, under Cpl. V. Carter.

The Races

The first races were for children of N.C.O.’s and men of the R.F.A., the following being the winners: Masters Fred and George Dimmock, and Misses Scholey (aged 6) and Morley. The Iast-named is a tiny tot who has not yet reached her third birthday, and she made her debut with a grace and simplicity which captivated all hearts.

The programme, after the children's races, WAS as follows:

  • Throwing the cricket ball.—1, Cpl. Pitt; 2, Gnr. Vials; 3, Lieut. Lowe.
  • Marathon race.—1, Bdr. Perfrement; 2, Sgt. McConnell; 3. Dvr. Waller; 4, GNR. Pressey.
  • Half-mile brigade championship.—1, Bdr. Morley (holder); 2, Gnr. Lewis; 3, Gnr. Barnes.
  • Bomb throwing.—1, Gnr. Lumley; 2, Cpl. Double; 3, Gnr. Pitt.
  • Long jump.—1, Gnr. Tucker; 2, Gnr. Blackman; 3, Sec. Lieut. McMurray.
  • Sergeant's 22 yards.-1, Sgt. Powell.
  • Sack race.—1, Gnr. Clevely; 2, Gnr. Royles.
  • Veterans' 100 yards.—1, C.S.M. Munday; 2, B.S.M. Hunt.
  • N.C.O.’s race, 220 yards.—1, Bdr. Bidewell; 2, Cpl. Maurer; 3, Bdr. Drohan.
  • Tilting the bucket.—1, Gnrs. Hardwick and Evans; 2 Gnrs. Edwards and Brooke.
  • 100 yards.—1, Sec. Lieut. McMurray; 2, Gnr. Blackman; 3, Gnr. Savage.
  • High jump.—1, Gnr. Blackman; 2, Lieut. Campbell; 3, Sec. Lieut. Bishop.
  • Nurses’ relay race.—1, Miss Cumberland; 2, Miss Jacob; 3, Miss Crewe; 4, Miss Boyd.
  • One mile brigade championship.—1, L/Bdr. Hart; 2, Bdr. Morley; 3, Gnr. Tucker.
  • Putting the shot.—1, Pte. Alibone; 2, R.S.M. Thompson.
  • Four-legged race.—1, Cpl. Maurer, Bdr. Drohan. and Bdr. License; 2, Gnrs. Wilde, Prosser, and Manship; 3, Gnrs. Hardwick, Osborne, and Evans.      
  • 440 yards race.—1, Gnr. Tucker; 2, Gnr. Saxton: 3, Gnr. Blackman.
  • Gas helmet race.—1, Gnr. Wilde; 2, Dvr. Houer; 3, Gnr. Manship.
  • Mop tournament (pairs).—1, Gnrs. Wilde and Manship; 2, Gnrs. Bouker and Austen.
  • Obstacle race.—1, Gnr. Hutchinson; 2, Gnr. Wilde; 3, Gnr. Hardwick; 4, Bdr. Street.
  • 220 yards (open).—1, Pte. J. Lindsey, "N.Z. Depot";2. Gnr C. Watson, Surrey A.C.; 3, W. T. Panter, Birchill Harriers.
  • 100 yards officers’ race (in uniform).—1, Sec. Lieut. McMurray; 2, Lieut. Lake.
  • 880 yards (open).—1, Cpl. Mason, "N.Z. Depot"; 2, Pte. Thomas, A.S.C.; 3, Gnr. Small.
  • 80 yards patients race.—1, Pte. Alson,
  • 120 yards hurdle race—1, Bdr. Morley; 2. Gnr. Saxton; 3, Gnr. Savage.
  • Half-mile inter-battery relay face.—1, A Battery; 2, Headquarters.
  • Ladies' relay race.—1, Kent’s A.C.
  • One mile open.—-1, Cp. Mason, N.Z.; 2, Pte. Thomas. A.S.C.; 3, Gnr. Small.
  • Inter-battery tug-of-war.—D. Battery.
  • Bun eating competition.—1, Gnr. Morgan; 2, Gnr. Osborne; 3, Gnr. Vials; 4, Gnr. Landsell.
  • Two mile team race.—1, "N.Z. Depot"; 1st
  • 80 yards band race—1, Painter; 2, Fardell.

Other features of the programme—in the nature of “side shows were physical displays. including fine parallel bar work by the Physical Training Staff under C.S.M. Inst. Mundy.

Prize Distribution

After the sports the prizes were distributed by Brigadier-General C. H. de la Montague Hill, C.B, C.M.G.

On receiving their prises. Bdrs. Perfrement (the marathon winner) and Morley were loudly cheered. Special applause also greeted Messrs. Kent's team, winners of the ladies’ relay race, and “ Don " Battery (to use the technical parlance), who won the inter-battery tug-o’ war. The Brigade Commander’s special trophy, given to the competitor with the most points, went to Bdr. Morley, with 15. A first place counted four points, a second three, a third, two, and a fourth, one.

The distribution over, the Brigade .Commander Lieut.Col. R. E. A. le Motte ex- pressed the hearty thanks of all to General Hill for taking such a keen interest in the sports. Three lusty cheers were given for him. The Commander also expressed thanks to Lieut.-Col. W. T. Odam, Lieut. Howell, and the Committee for their work, and to the various firms and people at Luton who had contributed to the day’s success. A vote of thanks to all helpers was passed.

The Sports Committee

  • President. Lieut.-Col. W. T. Odam, D.S.O., T.D.
  • Vice-President, Capt. J. Northover
  • Hon. Sec., Lieut. P. H. Howell
  • Assistant Hon. Secretary. Gnr. A. E. White
  • Clerks of the Course
    • Mr. G. Gibbs, C.C.A.C
    • R.S.M. Thompson
    • R.S.M. Price
  • Referee, Lieut.-Col. A. G. Scammell, D.S.O.
  • Judges
    • Captain G. H. Chubb
    • Captain C. R. de Fraine
    • Captain C. H. Sercombe
    • Captain C. Bell
    • Lieutenant E. A. Mortleman
    • Lieutenant A. Ogden
    • Lieutenant H. V. Ramsey
    • Lieutenant A. H. D. Spice
    • Lieutenant J. V. Wilshin
  • Starters
    • Capt. J. Northover
    • Lieutenant V. C. Lake
    • Lieutenant J. Colley
  • Assistant Starters
    • C.S.M. Cowles
    • Sgt. Broughton
    • B.S.M. Kirkbride
  • Timekeepers
    • Capt. E. Swanston
    • Mr. J. Eton Smith L.A.C
    • Lieutenant C. G. Pearce
    • R.Q.M.S. Holsdon
    • Q.M.S Caskin
    • Q.M.S. Slark
  • Stewards
    • Major J. W. T. Newbury
    • Captain J.S. Ridge
    • Captain G. H. Goodenough
    • Lieutenant A. J. Earl
    • Lieutenant W. Honey
    • Lieutenant A. J. Lowe
    • Lieutenant G. N. Graburn
    • Lieutenant K. H. Martin
    • Lieutenant S. A. Randolph
    • Lieutenant A. H. Stannard
    • Second Lieutenant W. C. L. Waite
    • B.S.M Cummer
    • B.S.M. Harrison
    • B.S.M. Morley
    • Staff-Sergeant Buesnel
    • Staff-Sergeant Shepherd
    • Staff-Sergeant Woods
    • Sergeant Amey
    • Sergeant Bellman
    • Sergeant Smith
    • Corporal Double
    • Bombardier Durier
    • Bombardier Richardson


Donations and articles were kindly given by the following: £100 in War Savings Certificates by the Brigade

  • Lieut.-Col. R. E. A. le Motte, the Brigade Commander, a £5 5s. prize to the man who obtained the most points during the sports:
  • Ward and Co., Ltd., per Mr. Seamark
  • Messrs. Tennant (jeweller)
  • Bailey, J. Dow, H. W. Covington, C. Barker (tobacconists)
  • J. T. Jeffs (jewellers)
  • Coutts and Co., per Mr. Thorogood
  • Mr. Robinson (Liverpool)
  • Messrs. Blundell Bros
  • Messrs. Gibbons and Son (drapers)
  • Mr. A. Smith Wellington Street
  • Messrs Chambers (jewellers)
  • Messrs Gibbs and Dandy
  • Messrs Cooper (drapers)
  • Mr. Dryden (Skefko)
  • Wild and Son, Manchester Street
  • Mr Davis (Diamond Foundry)
  • Mr Butcher (jeweller)
  • Messrs Webb Bros, George street
  • Vauxhall Motors (Mr. Pomeroy), per Mr. Edwards
  • Mr. Pledge, Wellington Street
  • Messrs Farmer and Co. Wellington Street
  • Mr. H. Stalker, Mr. Arthur Staddon (printers)
  • Messrs Brown and Thomas, Bute Street
  • Mr  Allen, Mr. H. Arnold, Hat Materials Ltd.
  • Mr. Allder (jeweller)
  • Boots. Cash Chemists
  • Commercial Cars Ltd (Mr. Underdown), per Mr. Coxhead
  • Mr. H. Pedder, Moulders Arms, Park Street
  • Mr. Ted Taylor, Albion
  • Mr. W. Dawson, Freeholders Arms, High Town.

The proceeds will be divided between Wardown V.A.D. and the Bute Hospitals and the R.A. Prisoners of War Fund.


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Thursday, July 25, 1918