October 1st 1914 Luton News Enlistment

From Luton and South Bedfordshire there are probably hundreds of men serving in the Regular Army and Navy. Many of these may find themselves on the fighting lines, either on land or water, and as this is so we shall be glad of assistance in publishing lists of South Bedfordshire contributions to His Majesty's forces.

Names already in our possession are:




BENNING  C.S., Lieut-Commander (submarine) - West Street, Dunstable

WORMELL,  Lieut (late of the Amphion) - 117 Ashburnham Road, Luton

ABBOTT  C.J., Officer's Steward  II, HMS The Legion, 3rd Destroyer Flotilla - 96 Oak Road, Luton

ANDERSON   A., Leading Stoker, 34 Mess, HMS Hannibal, RFR., North Sea, official number 285,415 - 17 Liverpool Road, Luton

BARTRAM  Frank Albert, Signalman, HM torpedo boat 0 74 - Totternhoe

BENNETT  L.S., RNVR - Luton News office

CHANDLER   F., RNR - Cumberland Street, Houghton Regis

CLARK  Edwin Charles, (No 239) HMS Vanguard - 7 Park Road West, Luton

CHALK  F., Royal Marines, HMS Lowestoft - 17 Inkerman Street, Luton

CONOLLY  Daniel, ERA, HMS Dublin - Hillside Road, Luton

CONQUEST  C., Gunner, HMS Defence - 155 Castle Street, Luton

COOKE  F., HMS Africa - Aspley Guise

DARTON  Bert, Stoker, HMS Blonde - Slip End

DAWSON  C.V., ERA, HMS Albemarle - 30 Leagrave Road, Luton

DAWSON  G.S., ERA, HMS Drake - 30 Leagrave Road, Luton

DAWSON  S.C., CERA, HMS Drake - 30 Leagrave Road, Luton

DAY  C.G., Leading Seaman, submarines - 27 Elizabeth Street, Luton

DAY  Fred, Leading Stoker, HMS Boadicea, No 11 - Pepperstock, near Luton

DOVE  A.J., Stoker, PO, HMS Terror - Pepperstock, near Luton

HALL  George, HMS Duke of Edinburgh - Milton Bryan

HOLMES  Joseph, HMS Neptune - Bassett Road, Leighton Buzzard

HOUGHTON  H., RNR - 84 Inkerman Street, Luton

IRESON  F.R., AB, HMTB No 111, Nore Defence Flotilla - Hillside, Althorp Road, Luton

KING  George, Royal Naval Reserve - Bassett Road, Leighton Buzzard

KING  George Arthur, AB, HMS Cumberland - 14 Grove Road, Leighton Buzzard

LAMBERT  B., HMS Prince George - Woburn

MAILES  Arthur, HMS Pincher - 50 Russell Street, Luton

MORGAN  Albert, HMS Vanguard - Totternhoe

MUNN  Henry, HMS Leader - Church Cottages, Aspley Heath

NICHOLLS, F.W., Seaman-gunner - 19 Bolton Road, Luton

RUTLAND  H.G., AB, HMS Foyle - 10 Back Lane, Leighton Buzzard

SHORT  J.A., HMS Viking - 15 Summer Street, Leighton Buzzard

SOUTHWELL  E., RNR - Totternhoe

SMITH  R.G., Leading Stoker, HM Torpedo Boat No 17 - 74 Spencer Road, Luton

SILVESTER  C.E., RMA., Portsmouth - 35 St Saviour's Crescent, Luton

SILVESTER  J., RNR, HMS Hawke, 35 St Saviour's Crescent, Luton

TUFFNELL  Leo Jaimes, 2nd class boy, HMS Powerful - 6 Kimpton Road, Luton

VASS  Edward Horace, HMS Audacious - 80 Hastings Street, Luton

WALTERS  Frank, HMS Leviathan - Wing Road, Linslade

WARWICK  George, AB, HMS Rother - Hilcote House, 238 Hitchin Road, Luton

WARWICK  Harry, Armourer, HMS Inflexible - Hilcote House, 238 Hitchin Road, Luton

WEEDON  George, HMS Powerful - 53 Wimbourne Road, Luton

WHARTON  Arnold, Artificer Engineer Officer, HMS Irresistable - 78 Hampton Road, Luton

WINCH  H., Pte, Royal Marine Light Infantry, HMS Vengeance - 8 Boyle Street, Luton




NAPIER  Henry D., Colonel, Special Service - Linslade

COOMBE  Herbert, Major, 3rd Hussars -  Aspley Guise

SERGEAUNT  A.F., Royal Engineers - Aspley Guise

SERGEAUNT  A.G., Major, Royal Garrison Artillery - Aspley Guise

JACKSON  John Henry, Captain, Army Service Corps - Linslade

MORDAUNT  O.C., Captain, Somerset Light Infantry - Aspley Guise

BENNING  M.S., Lieut, 3rd Royal East Surrey Reserve - West Street, Dunstable

RENTON  Fritz, Lieut, 11th Hussars - Aspley Guise

SERGEAUNT  P.R., Royal Garrison Artillery - Aspley Guise

SUTTON  William Moxhay, Lieut, 1st Somerset Light Infantry - Eaton Bray

WAGSTAFF  Wynter, Lieut with the Expeditionary Force - Church Square, Leighton Buzzard


ABBOT  H., Pte (10598), G Company, 1st Batt Bedfordshire Regt, Landguard Camp, Felixstowe - 96 Oak Road, Luton

ALLIN  F.T., Pte (11221), C Company, 6th Battalion, Wiltshire Regt, Tidworth, Hants

ASHWELL  Bertram, 1st Batt, Bedfordshire Regt, 15th Battery, British Expeditionary Force - 23 Dordans Road, Leagrave

BARRETT  F, Gunner, 21st Battery, RHA - 22 Jubilee Street, Luton

BATEMAN  George (17903), B Company, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry - Regent Street, Leighton Buzzard

BENZ  A., Corporal, joined Old Corps after serving 21 years in Military Mounted Police - 4 Blyth Place, Russell Street, Luton

BLISS  B.A., Highland Light Infantry - 46 High Street South, Dunstable

BLISS H., Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery - 46 High Street South, Dunstable

BOLTON  A., (7729), Worcestershire Regt - 31 Friday Street, Leighton Buzzard

BOSTON  W.O., Air Mechanic, Royal Flying Corps - 89 Leagrave Road, Luton

BROOKS, J., Rifleman (8204), 5th Battalion, Rifle Brigade - 19 Lea Road, Luton

BROWN  Stanley, Corpl, Army Service Corps, Expeditionary Force - 76 Talbot Road, Luton

BROWNING  D., Pte, B Company, 3rd Battalion, Beds Regt - 40 Kenilworth Road, Luton

BYRON  W., Trooper, 2nd Life Guards - 32 Naseby Road, Luton

CARPENTER  A.E., Bombadier (2867),  Royal Field Artillery - 45 Church Street, Leighton Buzzard

CARTER  F.H., 7th Battalion, Beds Regt - Lyndhurst Road, Luton

CLIFTON  A., Pte, 5th Dragoon Guards, 1st Cavalry Brigade, Field Force - 46 Vernon Road, Luton

COLE  F., Pte (9648), 1st Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Base Company, British Expeditionary Force - Ivydene, Manor Road, Luton

COOK  G., Driver, East Anglian Royal Engineers - 2 Langley Street, Luton

COOK  Albert J., Suffolk Regt - 42 Ashwell Street, Leighton Buzzard

COOPER  J., Pte (6923), A Company, 3rd Battalion, Beds Regt - late of 9 Brache Street, Luton

COOPER  P., Trooper, 1st Life Guards - 111 Russell Street, Luton

CRESSWELL  Arthur Robert, 4th Royal Irish Guards - Dolphin Hotel, Leighton Buzzard

DAVEY  B., Beds Regt, Aldershot - 69 Beech Road, Luton

DAY  H.J., Sergt, 1st Battalion, Gloucester Regt - 27 Elizabeth Street, Luton

DAY  S., Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery - 27 Elizabeth Street, Luton

DAVEY  W., EARE, Holt, Norfolk - 69 Beech Road, Luton

DENMARK  G.T., 4th Royal Fusiliers, 3rd Division, 9th Brigade, 2nd Army Corps - 78 Highbury Road, Luton

DEWAR  J., Pte (10436), 1st Beds Regt - 1 Burr Passage, Langley Street, Luton

DIXON  Vernon, Seaforth Highlanders - Whitefriars, Linslade

DIXON  Vivian, Seaforth Highlanders - White Friars, Lindslade

DOUGHTY  W.G., Pte, 3rd Beds Regt - 14 Ebenezer Street, Luton

DRAPER  W., Army Service Corps - Tavistock Street, Dunstable.

ELLINGHAM  W., Pte, 1st Northumberland Fusiliers - 8 Jubilee Street, Luton

FENSOME  A., Pte (9017), 1st Battalion, Beds Regt, Army Reserve - Pepperstock

FIELD  F., Driver, Army Service Corps in France - 33 New Town Street, Luton

FIRMIN  Alfred E., Signaller and gunner, Lincoln RFA - 21 Dunstable Road, Luton

FOWLER  H., Driver, RFA - Sundon, near Dunstable

FREEMAN  G.H., Pte (16520), Army Service Corps in France - 4 Chequer Street, Luton

FRENCH  W., (7027), Lincolnshire Regt - 8 Hockliffe Road, Leighton Buzzard

GIBBONS  B., 3rd Battalion, Beds Regt - High Street North, Dunstable

GODFREY  George, Pte, West Kent Army Service Corps - 36 Cumberland Street, Luton

GOODWIN  C.W., Corpl, F Company, Rifle Brigade - 31 Ashton Road, Luton

GORE  H., Gunner, (40542), 107, S Company, 6th Battery, RGA, Eggbuckland Keep, Plymouth - 72 Ridgway Road, Luton

GOSS  A., Gunner, B Battery Royal Horse Artillery - 74 Highbury Road, Luton

GRAY  Pte Cyril Walter, Royal Army Medical Corps, Havre, France - 75 Hastings Street, Luton

GURNEY  E.T., Driver, Royal Engineers - 36 George Street, Luton

HALSEY F.,  Pte, (2473), RAMC 5th Cavalry Brigade Field Ambulance, attached to No 2 Stationary Hospital, British Forces Active Service - 6 New Town Street, Luton

HENLEY  Fred, Grenadier Guards - Eaton Bray

HEWETT  F., Corpl (9273), 3rd Suffolk Regt - 19 Ebenezer Street, Luton

HORN  J.T., Pte (5678), 20th Hussars, Expeditionary Force, Havre, France - 112 Ridgway Road, Luton

HULL  Charles Arthur, Natal Mounted Rifles - Dudley Street, Leighton Buzzard

HUMPHREY  Ed., G Company, 4th Battalion, Beds Regt, Dovercourt - lately lodging at 69 Beech Road, Luton

HYDE  C.F., Pte, 24th City of London Rifles, The Queen's - 93 High Town Road, Luton

ISAAC  C, Royal Garrison Artillery - Great Northern Road, Dunstable

IVES  Harold, Royal Engineers - Great Northern Road, Dunstable

IVES  Percy, Canadian Grenadiers - Great Northern Road, Dunstable

JANES  Alec, West Kent Regiment - Hockliffe Street, Leighton Buzzard

JEFFCOATE  Alfred, Beds Special Reserve - 54 Bassett Road, Leighton Buzzard

JEFFCOATE  Ernest, Royal Berks Regt - 54 Bassett Road, Leighton Buzzard

JEFFCOATE  Walter, Northamptonshire Regt - 54 Bassett Road, Leighton Buzzard

JENKINS  John, Royal Garrison Artillery - Hardwicke Road, Aspley Heath

MOORE  F., (16748), 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards - 43 Mill Road, Leighton Buzzard

MORGAN  E.P., F Company 4th Battalion, Beds Regt - 16 Wimbourne Road, Luton

MORGAN  W.H., Corpl, Beds Regt - Dunstable

MUNN  Jonathan V., 1st Battalion, Beds Regt - Church Cottages, Aspley Heath

MUNN  Albert A., West Riding Regiment - Church Cottages, Aspley Heath

MUNNS  C., Royal Engineers - 34 Russell Street, Luton

O'DELL  F., Driver (93838), 3rd Battery, 12th Division, RFA - 38 Vicarage Street, Luton

PALFREY  Walter John, Rifleman (2899), B Company 4th Battalion, Rifle Brigade - 19 Grove Road, Luton

PAGE  F., Pte (9801), C Company, Loyal North Lancs Tournay Barracks, Aldershot - Oak Road, Leagrave

PICKERING  Fred, Cornwall Light Infantry - Woburn

POWERS  John, Driver (25671), 12th Field Company, Royal Engineers - 2 Brantwood Road, Luton.

PRATT  F., Grenadier Guards - Bassett Road, Leighton Buzzard

RANDALL  William, Yorkshire Light Infantry - West Street, Aspley Guise

RICHARDS  Ray, Pte, A Squad, 4th Troop, 5th Dragoon Guards, 1st Cavalry Brigade, at the Front - 30 Spencer Road, Luton

RICHARDS  T., Corpl, 3rd Battalion, Beds Regt - 178 Park Street, Luton

RIX  Percy, Pte, West Kent Army Service Corps - 19 Chatsworth Road, Luton

ROBINSON  H., Pte (6463), 1st Battalion, Beds Regt (attached to 3rd Beds) - 15 Tavistock Crescent, Luton

RODGERS  F., Sapper, 57th (Field) Company, RE, 3rd Division, Expeditionary Force - 40 Court Road, Luton

SELL  William, Army Service Corps - Stanbridge

SHACKLETON  Charles, Royal Garrison Artillery - Friday Street, Leighton Buzzard

SIMMONS  H., Pte (1672), 7th Section, Army Veterinary Corps, Army Field Veterinary Hospital, Expeditionary Force - 54 Stuart Street, Luton

SLOUGH  Edgar, Corpl (2289), Lancashire Fusiliers, with the Expeditionary Force in France - 2 Conway Road, Luton

SMART  F.G., F Company, 4th Battalion, Beds Regt - 36 Harcourt Street, Luton

SMITH  H., Pte, RAMC, No 5 Cavalry, Field Ambulance, Expeditionary Force - 27 New Street, Luton

SNOXELL  P., Driver, 68th Battalion, RFA, in France - 64 Grange Road, Luton

STEVENS  A., (5744), Oxford Light Infantry - 19 Heath Road, Leighton Buzzard

TEW  Edward John, (8019) 1st Battalion, Beds Regt - 45 Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard

THOMS,  Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery - 26 Bassett Road, Leighton Buzzard

THORNE  F., Pte, 118 Battery, RFA, E Sub, British Expeditionary Force - Dunstable

THRIPP  B., Gunner, 35th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery - 68 May Street, Luton

TUCKER  William C., Lance-Corpl, Beds Regt - Hockliffe

TROUBRIDGE T., Pte, Yorkshire (King's Own) Light Infantry - 25 Granville Road, Luton

TUFFNELL  Alfred, Pte, 1st Battalion, Beds Regt, with the Expeditionary Force - 15 York Street, Luton

TUFFNELL  Harry, Pte, 1st Battalion, Beds Regt, with the Expeditionary Force - 15 York Street, Luton

VASS  Eric Harry, Royal Engineers - 80 Hastings Street, Luton

WALKER  S.F., Gunner, 35th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery - Fairholme, St Peter's Road, Dunstable

WEBB  Frederick Charles, Pte, D Company, 1st Battalion, Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force - 43 Dorset Street, Luton

WEEDON  H., Pte, 2nd Battlion, Grenadier Guards - 53 Wimbourne Road, Luton

WEEDON  J., Pte, 3rd Battalion, Beds Regt - 53 Wimbourne Road, Luton

WHARTON  Philip H., Royal Engineers - 78 Hampton Road, Luton

WHITE George, Yokshire Light Infantry - Salford Road, Aspley Guise

WHITTEMORE  H., Pte, 1st Battalion, Beds Regt, Expeditionary Force - 372 Hitchin Road, Luton

WINCH  F., Pte, No 2 Company, Royal West Kents - 8 Boyle Street, Luton

WILTSHIRE  H., Gunner, 55th Battery, Royal Field Artillery, Expeditionary Force - Slip End

WORBOYS  Percy, Pte, Beds Regt - 51 Cobden Street, Luton

WRIGHT  A., Pte, Beds Regt - 23 Malvern Road, Luton

WRIGHT  E., Pte (7050), 3rd Reinforcements, British Expeditionary Force, 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers - 38 Guildford Street, Luton

WRIGHT  Dr G., (9838) 2 Section, 3rd Division, Ammunition Column, British Expeditionary Force - 38 Guildford Street, Luton

YOUNG  S., Pte, 1st Battalion, Beds Regt




Madame Marie ALBERT, hospital near French frontier - Mother Prioress of the Dominican Convent, Luton

Mdlle de BOURGE, Red Cross Field Hospital - Dominican Covent, Luton

Madame CHRISTINE, hospital at Knocke, Belgium - Dominican Convent, Rothesay Road, Luton

Nurse Ethel HEBBES, Red Cross Hospital, Belgium - Church Street, Aspley Heath


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