Egg collecting for wounded soldiers

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3rd June 1917 to 8th June 1917

In order to elicit the sympathies of the boys at the Old Bedford-road Boys’ School, the teachers are stimulating interest in the local hospital at Wardown by egg collecting. It is surprising what can be effected in this way, and some beneficial assistance given. The week preceding Whitsuntide the boys in Class 8 collected 28 eggs, and last week the boys in Classes 7 and 9 together obtained 60. The teachers concerned are Messrs. Bragg, Sear, and G. W. Walker, and no doubt the results will act as an incentive to the other classes. The boys are being taught that no real happiness can accrue except through self-denial and sacrifice, hence' those who cannot bring eggs are encouraged to subscribe pence which otherwise would have gone in sweets. The true spirit of the idea is inculcated with good results. In response the wounded soldiers have expressed appreciation in letters. Looking over the last list appears the name of one of the old boys of the school, and its discovery led to gratification, as the boys felt they were really being of service in the war.

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