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VAD Commandant Green to stand down

[Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph: December 2nd, 1919]

On Saturday a very pleasant evening was spent at the Dujon Restaurant [George Street] by the members of the local No 1 Voluntary Aid Detachment connected with the British Red Cross Society, who were the guests of their Commandant, Mr J. W. Green. The company also included Mrs J. W. Green OBE, Mrs R. Durler OBE, Mrs Hartop, Miss Hobbs, the Misses W. M. and E. M. Green and Dr Archibald, and about 40 guests sat down to an excellent repast provided by Messrs Dudeney & Johnston.

Luton's first Remembrance Day

Remembrance poppy

[Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph: November 11th, 1919]

Punctually at 11 o'clock this morning the busy world of Luton, taking the signal from the many sirens in the town, ceased its activity, and a solemn silence fell upon the district. And a community feeling, sad and thankful, went out to the glorious dead who fell by sea and land in the country's service.

Luton's new Mayor elected

[The Luton News: Thursday, November 13th, 1919]

The Mayoral election at Luton on Monday marked the conclusion of a civic year which has had no equal in the history of the borough, and in the ceremony of electing the new Mayor there were several things to remind people of some of the unhappy things which have happened during the past few months.

For one thing, the retiring Mayor was not present to hand over his charge to his successor, and this in itself would have been sufficient to mark the occasion as one of no ordinary character.

Disappointing turn-out in council elections

1919 Town Council elections headline

[Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph: November 4, 1919]

Luton Municipal Elections on Saturday did not provide any great surprises, for the result in each ward was very much what was expected. It could not be foretold as safely as in some previous years, for there was a certain amount of doubt as to the extent to which recent happenings in the town would affect the polling.

Cash help for riot prisoners' families

Among the relief cases heard at the Monday, October 27th, 1919, meeting of the Luton Board of Guardians were several of dependents of rioters who had received prison sentences.

The first involved a wife and four children, the man having received three months. The sum of 25 shillings a week was suggested, but Mr Breadsell urged further consideration. The woman was expecting another child, and he asked for liberality for the woman, who was hard-working and respectable.

Luton family escape Bolshevik atrocities

Bibesco palace

  • Jesse Funge outside the Bibesco palace in Romania.

A few Luton civilians narrowly escaped being trapped in Europe at the start of the Great War. But among those unable to return home were Jesse William Funge, his wife Ethel and their baby daughter Vallie (pictured below) – and it would be three harrowing years before they were reunited with their family.


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