Biscot Camp

Did you know that the area bounded by Kennington Road, Biscot Road, Holland Road, and Leagrave Road; used to be the home of a large camp that trained many thousands of men to be ready for service in the Royal Field Artillery? Including the author Dennis Wheatley! It was called Biscot Camp, and was extremely important in the wartime history of the town and yet, there is very little known about it.

What happened to Grandad's medals?

Do you have your grandfather’s or another relative’s medals from the First World War?  All soldiers who served in World War One were awarded campaign medals which were automatically dispatched to their last known address or to the next of kin of deceased soldiers. You can find out more about the most common medals here.

If your ancestor served in the British Expeditionary Force at the out break of the war, they will have received the Mons Star.

Do you want to add something? Here's a few tips.

This site is about splitting information up into chunks that can be used for research, to tell stories, and to build a bigger picture of Luton's war. But if you just want to talk about your family memories of WWI, and are not quite sure where to start or what to do. I hope this little guide helps.

Researching Luton Town in WW1

The previous blog entry draws attention to the fascinating story of Luton Town Football Club in the Great War which can be found on this website. It has been very satisfying to uncover this information and to add it here for others to explore. I hope it will encourage readers to research more of Luton's employers, clubs, churches or communities and how people connected to them contributed in the Great War. There must be many more such stories to tell.

Monday Morning Discoveries

Normally, Monday mornings can be a bit of a bind.

But not when you're working with the history of a town in WWI, because you never know when you're going to turn up something amazing. Today's treat is, the hidden history of Luton Town Football Club.

WWI Project Volunteers HilC, and Dave, have uncovered a quite extraordinary history! Why don't you go and have a look? 


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