Sally Army Citadel 'miraculous escape'

Salvation Army Citadel No 2

Salvation Army journal 'War Cry' described how the No 2 Citadel building (pictured in 1908) in Manchester Street, adjoining the burned down Town Hall, had had a miraculous escape during the “regrettable disturbances” on Peace Day in Luton.

The 'War Cry' article, reprinted in the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph on August 2nd, 1919, said: “The building had a miraculous escape, as the charred windows and doors show. It was a striking tribute to the Army's work that the male members of the population, including demobilised soldiers, assisted Salvationists to save the property, and used the hose in the Hall to prevent the flames from spreading.

“Seats, band instruments, piano, organs were taken out of the building and found a resting place in various homes and yards during the danger period, and they have all been returned safely.

“On every side expressions were heard for kindnesses received in France and in other theatres of war, and because of this the men rallied to the work of rescue.”