'Real instigators' of the riot troubles

Two letters questioning the role played by the Town Council in the Peace Day riots and the future of Mayor Henry Impey were published in the Luton News on August 14th, 1919.

'Lest We Forget' wrote: “One is glad that some, at least, of the offenders who helped to make our town hideous on Peace Day are being brought to justice. No doubt they are receiving their desserts, and rightly so.

“But what I wish to know is, to what super-authority can the real instigators of the trouble be brought, that they may also take their trial at the bar of justice? By real instigators I mean those who, by their gross mismanagement of the Peace demonstrations, their refusal to grant Wardown for the memorial service etc, etc, sowed the seeds of the trouble, the fruits of which we now see.”

And of the Mayor, 'Ratepayer' wrote: I see in the report of the recent Guardians' meeting that Councillor Bone spoke of the utmost confidence they all had in the Mayor. Now I wish to prove not only our Mayor, but all the Town Councillors, have lost the confidence of the ratepayers of Luton. I am not a Lutonian, although I have been in business here for a few years.

“If the Mayor will resign and fight for his seat as a councillor, I am prepared to oppose him in any ward and at any time. Now, be a sport and accept the challenge! I will run as an independent candidate.”