Peace Day at Stopsley

Despite occasional drizzling showers in Stopsley during the day, the Committee of Management, among whom were Messrs F. K. Cain, W. Morsley, George Cain, A. Ward, J. Titchmarsh, A. T. Hucklesby and the Vicar [the Rev G. H. C. Shorting], are to be congratulated on the success of Saturday's Peace Celebrations, especially as one and all had worked very hard for several weeks to earn a happy day.

The Luton News (July 24th, 1919) reported that at noon quite a long procession, with flags flying, formed up near The Green and, as was only proper, the ex-servicemen, under the command of Sgt-Major Fred Peters, lately home from Palestine, took the post of honour as leaders to Mr Hugh Shaw's spacious meadow.

Mr Shaw deserves the thanks of the whole community, as he gave carte blanche in all arrangements necessary for the meals, and his large barn never saw a happier gathering than the youngsters formed for both tea and supper, for provisioning was plentiful. The soldiers and relatives of the fallen men were regaled with a hearty knife and fork tea.

A thanks offering service began the day, when the Vicar spoke to the large assemblage with great feeling, and especially telling were the references to the brave boys who never again will come home.

Sports were numerous, with over 200 entries. The single men were beaten by the married men at cricket.