Newspaper advocates museum at Wardown

Wardown House c1913
It is not improbable that if a serious attempt was made to establish a museum at Wardown it would succeed far better than the present method of placing gifts of birds, beasts and insects in a part of the Public Library which is seldom visited, suggested the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph in its editorial column on June 7th, 1919.

We believe there are plenty of valuable exhibits in Luton alone. For instance, a Luton gentleman kindly loaned to us for a few days during this week a long autobiography letter written by Sir Sidney Smith, the famous British admiral, concerning the operations of the British Army a few days after Waterloo.

If the gentleman who allowed us to see this document, which must have considerable value, belonged to any town where interest was taken in things of this kind, he would soon have an offer for it from the Corporation. It is an article of national, nay international, value, and one of which the town should possess. It is something really worthy of a glass case.