Mons Stars for Bedfords

Mons Star presentations

The Luton Reporter: Tuesday, June 10th, 1919]

These photographs reproduced by courtesy of the Bedfordshire Standard were taken at the first presentation of Mons Stars to men at present serving at the depot of the Bedfordshire Regiment who formed part of the first British Expeditionary Force to France and were with the Bedfords in the memorable retreat from Mons.

The top view shows Brigadier General E. G. Godfrey-Faussett CB, CMG, commanding the troops at Bedford, presenting the Mons Star to one of the men, and below is a group of the recipients who were: CSM W, Mears, Sgt G. Kennedy, Cpl C. Draper, L-Cpl Rose, L-Cpl G. Stringer, Ptes A. Crawley, J. Cuthbert, T. Dowse, W. Giles, H. Hutton, W. Horn, G. Maxwell, C. Potts, A. Room, Rogers, Rayment, C. Tomlinson and W. H. Villiers.

The function took place in the square at Kempston Barracks, the troops located at the barracks forming three sides of a square, and being under the command of Major F. M. Bassett, OC at the depot, with Capt W. Pottle (Adjutant), Lieuts Stavert and Smith, RSM C. Webb and CSM Holben.

Brig-General Godfrey-Faussett, who was accompanied by an ADC, was received with the general salute, and in an address to the troops said the Stars would be a reminder to the recipients of those difficult days with the first expeditionary force when first they approached the front line in France and when the whole force showed such fidelity and devotion.

The Stars would also be a reminder to the others who had fought so well after the expeditionary force went out of what the old force had to contend with when ammunition was so woefully short.

He did not, he said, wish to decry in the least the efforts of the new armies, as they did splendidly, but it was the members of the old expeditionary force who supplied the knowledge they required.

There was another presentation of a similar natured to ten NCOs and men of the 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment at the barracks on Monday, the recipients being RSM F. Mead DCM, Sgts A. Davidson and Hoar, Cpls W. Chambers and W. Hey, Ptes W. Harding, T. Haynes, Hollingsworth, J. W. Smith and CSM Holben, and the presentations were made by the OC, Major F. M. Bassett. The recipients, he said, all stood honoured by their country and their regiment, which they had served so well, and he hoped they would let these 1914 Stars remind them of the spirit which enabled them to hold fast in the dark days of 1914, and be their talisman for the future.