Injured police leave hospital

[The Luton Reporter: Tuesday, August 5st, 1919]

Insp Herbert Hunt and Pc Sear and Pc Silvester, three of the four members of Luton Borough Police Force so badly mauled by the mob in the peace rioting outside the Town Hall that they had to be treated for their injuries in the Bute Hospital, were discharged from the hospital on Monday evening [July 28th].

A Reporter representative chanced to be at the police office when they reported themselves to the Chief Constable and could not help but admiring the cheery spirit displayed by all the officers after their terrible experiences.

Insp Hunt reported himself quite fit except for an injury on the inside of the leg which gave him some trouble, and Pc Sear had “no complaints”.

Pc Silvester in hospitalPc Silvester (pictured, right, in hospital) was not so happily circumstanced. Like Insp Hunt he was feeling no ill effects of his abdominal injuries, but his back was still so badly bruised as the result of being kicked while lying on the ground that he was nearly doubled. It gave him such evident pain to walk that the Chief Constable considerately had a cab brought to take him home.

The three officers were seen by the police surgeon next morning, and Insp Hunt and Pc Sear were reported fit for duty, but Pc Silvester was placed on sick leave.

Pc Taylor, who also sustained abdominal injuries, left his bed on the same day as his comrades in hospital, but had such a bad relapse that he had to return to bed and was very poorly at the time the other officers left.

Special Constable Carter was able to go home the previous Friday, but since getting home also has been in a poor condition , suffering very much from the injuries to his head.

The three injured constables are all recruits who have served in the war and they are not likely to forget their first police experience, for the riot was the first time they had worn blue uniform. Pc Sears served in Gallipoli and Palestine and was thrice wounded; Pc Silvester had four-and-a-ahalf years war service with the King's Royal Rifles and came through without a scratch; Pc Taylor saw service in Salonika.