Impey successor as Mayor selected

[The Luton News: Thursday, November 6th, 1919]

The “to be” meeting of the Luton Town Council was held on Tuesday evening at the Court House, the Deputy Mayor presiding over a full attendance of members, the only absentee being the Mayor (Councillor Impey).

Councillor Arthur AttwoodCouncillor Dillingham opened the proceedings by asking for nominations, and remarking that he hoped whoever was selected that night would receive the unanimous and loyal support of his colleagues during his term of office.

Then, as no proposition was forthcoming after a momentary pause, he said he would like to propose that Councillor Attwood [pictured right] be invited to take the position. He was an experienced member of the Corporation and came back to the Council with the confidence of the ratepayers as expressed in his re-election on Saturday. Councillor Escott seconded.

Councillor Mair then proposed and Councillor Linsell seconded the nomination of Alderman Staddon, who in response to the invitation said he could not consider it unless he were assured of the unanimous support of the Council.

The voting disclosed also the nomination of Councillor Hubbard, and resulted in the choice of Councillor Attwood, who received the votes of 17 of his colleagues in his favour. Councillor Attwood, before deciding, consulted with his wife by telephone, and then intimated his willingness to accept the position.

The election will take place on Monday next, November 10th, at 12 noon.