First Peace Day riots cases in court

Peace riots prosecution list

  • The final list of defendants at the end of Magistrates Court hearings in Luton.

On Wednesday, July 23th, 1919, the first police court proceedings arising out of the looting of shops during the previous Saturday night's riot were heard at the Borough Court before magistrates Mr F. J. Brown and Alderman H. Arnold.

Six persons were in custody, reported The Luton News the following day, one being an ex-soldier who was said to have been seen in the crowd dressed in clerical attire while the Town Hall was burning. In court he was in ordinary attire, and was wearing the 1914-15 ribbon and a wound stripe.

The charges preferred against the six were:

Emily Tilcock, 49, married, straw worker, 3 New Street – stealing three odd slippers, value 7s 6d, between 19th and 20th July, the property of James Neve Brown.

Amos Gooch, 38, blocker, 22 St Anne's Road – stealing a quantity of toilet requisites, value 4s 3d, the property of Carl Caspers.

Ellen Gilbert, 37, married, machinist, 11 New Street – receiving the property mentioned in the previous charge, well knowing the same to have been stolen.

Rose Winifred Bacon, 21, of 28 New Street – stealing a bottle of scent and two books, value 10s 6d, the property of Walter Clark.

Emily Gilbert, 19, machinist, 11 New Street – stealing an umbrella, value 10s 6d, the property of Carl Caspers.

Frederick Plater, 27, labourer, 69 Chase Street – stealing two odd boots, value 14s 9d, property of James Neve Brown.

With the exception of Emily Gilbert (bailed), all were remanded in custody.