Comrades withdraw from Peace celebrations

[The Luton News: Thursday, July 17th, 1919]

The Comrades Club at Luton has withdrawn from participating in the Peace Celebrations as a consequence of the attitude of the Town Council in refusing the use of Wardown for the memorial service to those who have fallen. The decision has been conveyed in the following letter to the Town Clerk:

“Dear Sir, Owing to the attitude that your Town Council had taken in refusing the local branch of the Discharged Sailors and Soldiers Federation request for the use of Wardown Park for a memorial service in honour and deep respect of our fallen comrades, the general committee of the local branch of the Comrades of the Great War have decided that this branch will respectfully withdraw from the Peace procession that is to be held on Saturday next. Yours faithfully, N. Shepherd (on behalf of the Comrades of the Great War)."

Comrades float advert

The Comrades were represented in the Peace Day procession with a hastily created float dedicated to Jack Cornwell, a boy VC who served in the Royal Navy. An advert published on the day before Peace Day appealed for demobilised Naval men and those on leave to take part in uniform.