Children's field day at Stockwood

Stockwood House 1922 (Cox)

[Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph: September 16th, 1919]

One of the most important events of the years for the younger generation of the Co-operative movement in Luton is the field day, which the Education Committee of the local Society organise, in the ordinary way, annually. Since 1915, however, war conditions prevented the event being held until Saturday [September 13th], when the children's day was revived and 4,000 of the youngsters marched in procession to Stockwood Park, kindly lent for the occasion.

Despite the dull weather of the afternoon and the wet evening, the children had a thoroughly good time, and no effort was spared by the committee of workers to ensure the success of the gathering.

The children assembled at the Central Stores, Hastings Street, and formed up for the procession, which was of great length. When on the march, the column took just on a quarter of an hour to pass one point.

The Red Cross Band headed the procession, and this was followed by the competitors in the 'Co-operative manufactures' and fancy dress competitions. The bands of the Salvation Army No 2 and the Central Mission were on duty at different parts of the procession, and the Luton Division of the St John Ambulance Brigade brought up the rear.

At the Park, tea was provided in two large marquees. The children were served by over a hundred willing helpers, under the direction of Messrs C. Clarke and Gatward.

After tea various amusements were provided for the children, chief among these being the races. The were also a Punch and Judy show, band concerts, football and cricket matches etc.

At the conclusion of the programme the prizes were presented by Mrs Robinson. Mr J. H. Dony and Mrs Beasley acted as judges for the fancy dress competitions, and Mr Dony judged the racing. The following were the prizewinners:

'Co-operative Manufactures' competition: 1 Selina Wingrave, as baker; 2 Laura Garratt, as 'Labout and Wait'; Joan Rickard as 'Co-op Jam'; 3 Flossie Bone (advert). Fancy dress competition: 1 Ethel Dumpleton ('Peace'); 2 Lilian Burgess (Irish girl). Decorated bicycle: 1 Arthur Clarke.

Girls race, 12 to 14: 1 Maggie Marsh, 2 Flossie Longhurst, 3 Grace Chipperfield. Girls 10 to 12: 1 Elsie Hewitt, 2 Elsie Jackson, 3 Renee Conquest. Girls 8 to 10: 1 Elsie Burgess, 2 Lily Bates, 3 Madge Conquest. Girls 6 to 8: 1 Kitty Spacey, 2 Doris Burch, 3 Marjory Hawkes. Skipping race: 1 Beatrice Sear, 2 Doris Cadger, 3 Daisy Neale.

Boys 12 to 14: 1 Percy Kempson, 2 Archie Chipperfield, 3 Leslie Trueman. Boys 10 to 12: 1 James Camenzind, 2 Leslie Trueman, 3 Lionel Daniels. Boys 8 to 10: 1 Arthur Burgess, 2 James Manning, 3 Frank Harrison and Joe Pym. Boys 6 to 8: 1 Tom Chatterley, 2 Nelson Freeman, 3 William Fensome. Sack race for boys: 1 Percy Minnie, 2 Ervine Morgan, 3 Jim Dryden.