Beds Regt casualty lists: April 26th-28th, 1915


In the Beds Regt casualty lists published on April 26th, 1915, it was reported that Second Lieut E. L. Kelly and Second Lieut C. S. Kirch, of the 1st Battalion, were killed on April 20th, while Second Lieut J. T. T. Darbishire, 4th Battalion (attached to the 1st) and Second Lieut W. Ramsay, 2nd Battalion, were wounded on the same day. Casualties in the ranks in the same lists included:


*Pte A. C. Cook, 7866, 1st Battalion

*Pte H. Feary, 7549, 1st Battalion

Pte A. Kingham, 3/7569, 3rd Battalion [Press report said 1st Battalion], April 20th, 1915 (Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery)


Pte James Brown, 6100, 1st Battalion, [later listed as killed in action November 5th, 1914 (Le Touret Memorial)]

On the same day another German official list of prisoners was published and included the following three names:

*Pte E. Garrard, 9938, died of wounds

Pte William Towns, 3/5816, died of wounds, November 25th, 1914 (Harlebeke New British Cemetery)

Pte C. Southgate, 7429, wounded


Casualties reported on April 27th, 1915.


Pte William Ellis Reed (25), 8571, 1st Battalion, March 30th, 1915 (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)


Sgt Thomas Fuller (20), 9693, 1st Battalion, April 2nd, 1915 (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery)

Pte Edward Ralph Howe, 9313, 2nd Battalion, April 1st. 1915 (Merville Communal Cemetery)


Pte S. W. Lamb, 7458, 1st Battalion

Pte W. Lee, 4557, 1st Battalion

Pte J. H. Pratt, 14715, 1st Battalion

Pte F. Seabrook, 12973, 1st Battalion

Pte F. Welch, 7372, 1st Battalion

Pte W. Bird, 10464, 2nd Battalion


Pte F. H. Bayford, 8665, 1st Battalion [CWGC data is that he was killed on October 29th, 1914 (Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez)]


Pte J. G. Moult, 10112, 1st Battalion

Casualty lists published on April 28th, 1915.

Major Walter Allason, 1st Battalion Beds Regt, wounded again on April 23rd. Previously wounded in November 1914, earned DSO and mentioned in Sit John French's despatches.


Lieut John Boyer Webb (20), 4th Battalion, North Stafford Regiment (attached to 1st Battalion Beds Regt), April 21st, near Ypres (Railway Dugouts Burial Ground, Transport Farm)


Capt J. J. Moyse, 1st Battalion

Lieut C. Kennedy, 1st Battalion

Second-Lieut W. E. Cannon, 1st Battalion

Second-Lieut F. W. Ogilvie, 4th Battalion (attached to 1st Battalion)

[The Luton News, April 29th, 1915]


[Casualty lists are reproduced from newspapers 100 years ago with information corroborated and supplemented using Commonwealth War Graves Commission data where possible. Names with an asterisk have not been found on the CWGC website. War Office lists had already been shown to be not 100 per cent accurate.]