Beds Regt casualty list: January 6th, 1915

The January 6th, 1915, casualty list among men of the Bedfordshire Regiment. No further details provided, including dates and places.


Allen C., 8528

Ashpole A., 7008

Batchelor F., 9583

Brace C., 6866

Brown H., 6553

Carter H., 7480

Chennells F., 9854

Coxall H., 8762

Foreman Sgt G., 8658

Funnell Cpl J., 8501

Horner W., 9850

Howard G., 9470

Page Sgt P., 9357

Saunders B., 9350

Sheppard W., 10213

[The Luton News, January 7th, 1915]

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