Beds Regt casualty list: January 15th, 1915

On January 15th, 1915, the following further casualties were notified in connection with the Bedfordshire Regiment.


BALDOCK Arthur, Sgt 9602, October 31st

BARRS Wilfred John, Pte 3/6127, October 26th

BELFIELD Samuel Arthur, Pte 3/7145, October 31st

BRAZIER James, Pte 9253, October 31st

BRESNAHAN Michael, Pte 3/6308, October 31st

BURNAGE Harry, Pte 9112, October 31st

BURNS William, Pte 9046, October 31st

BUTCHER Edgar, Pte 10076, October 31st

CAIN Sidney, Pte 7393, October 31st

CRAFT James Walter, Pte 10130, October 31st

ELMORE Richard Turney, Pte 9946, October 31st

GODFREY Charles Henry, Pte 9540, October 31st

HICKMAN James Nelson, Pte 9874, October 31st

HOLLIDGE Henry Charles, L-Cpl 9052, October 31st

HOOD Edward, Pte 9308, October 31st

HUCKLE Alfred, Pte 3/6130, October 26th

KEABLE Jack Fransham, L-Sgt 9671, October 31st (Harlebeke New British Cemetery)

LANGFORD Benjamin, L-Cpl 9921, October 31st

MERRY F., Pte 9715 (No further details traced)

OLNEY Emmanuel, Pte 9975, October 31st (Harlebeke New British Cemetery)

ROWLETT Frederick, Pte 3/6816, October 31st

SHARP Tom, Pte 7684, October 31st

SMART Albert, Pte 9352, October 31st

STAINES Frederick, L-Sgt 7792, October 31st

STIFF John Edward, Pte 9163, October 24th-31st

STRINGER Sidney John, Pte 6861, Oct 31st

THOMASON George, Pte 9252, Oct 31st

THOROUGHGOOD Sidney, Pte 3/6995, October 31st

THURSTON Frederick, Cpl 7765, October 31st

TOMKINS Thomas Alfred, L-Cpl 8502, October 31st

WHITE William Jepthah John, Cpl 9226, October 31st

WOODCROFT Percy Edward, L-Cpl 9353, October 31st

Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, unless otherwise indicated.



AGER Albert, Cpl 9329, November 1st (Wimereux Communal Cemetery)

CLARKE Thomas Richard, Pte 6914, November 1st (Bethune Town Cemetery)

PARSONS Harry Stanley, L-Cpl 8262, November 2nd (Bethune Town Cemetery)

WRIGHT T., Pte 7459 (No further details traced)

[Saturday Telegraph, January 16th, 1915, and The Luton News, January 21st, 1915]