Absent Voter List Luton 1918

Can you help Lutonians find their ancestors?

Soldiers outside a hut, possible Biscot Camp Luton

There was a General Election in Britain in 1918. Details of men in the army/navy/airforce were listed on Absent Voters Lists. These usually recorded the man’s regiment, number and rank at the time, as well as his home address.

The Absent Voter List is an extremely important when it comes to tracking down WW1 service personnel, but there is a problem. The list is not machine readable, it is saved as a series of .pdf files.

  • What we'd like is if people could donate a little time, to transcribe the Absent Voter List for Luton, so that we can make the data within available to all who wish to trace their Lutonian ancestors.

Luton's Absent Voter List is linked below. Please download a chunk and transcribe into an excel spreadsheet format as per the attached template. Section 1 and Section are currently being worked on. If you would like to transcribe a section, please let us know.