C Battery War Diary December 1916

Current Location

Wardown Park Museum
Old Bedford Road
United Kingdom


Summary of Events









Commanding Officer: Major FITCH, V.F.


Dec 4

Capt. MALCOMSON, A.J.L. transferred to A.S.C. / M.T.


Dec 6

2nd Lt. LOWTHER, W.J. 3/5th Lon. Bde. R.F.A.  is taken on strength from sick leave


Dec 7

Lt. LUCAS, V.C. 3/6th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. is taken on strength


Dec 10

16 Gunners and 20 Drivers proceeded Overseas


Dec 11

 2 Bombardiers      Proceeded Overseas

15 Gunners                                 “


Dec 12

Lt. HEAL, A.V., 3/6th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. proceeded Overseas


Dec 13

2nd Lt. CHAMBERLAIN, F. Posted to this Battery as Gunnery Instructor


 1 B. Q.M.S.                    Transferred to B1 Recruits Depot

 1 Farrier Sergeant

 4 Bombardiers

 8 Gunners

 2 Drivers                                                          “


11 Gunners                   proceeded Overseas to 47th Divn. B.E.F.


 6 Gunners                     proceeded Overseas to 56th Divn. B.E.F.

12 Drivers                                                      “


Dec 15

Christmas leave limited to 10%.  No travelling allowed between the 22nd and 25th inclusive.


22 Gunners and 10 Drivers proceeded Overseas


 9 Gunners                   transferred to the 2nd 1st Shropshire R.H.A.

13 Drivers                                                     “


Dec 18

6 L.D. horses transferred to Remount Depot, Aldershot.


Dec 19

Lt. RYDER, A.F.R.D., 3/5th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. taken on strength


Dec 21

Capt. SHUTER, 5th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. taken on strength

2nd Lt. MASSON,  6th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. taken on strength


Maj-Gen BRUMKER, Inspector of R.H. & R.F.A. inspected Dining Halls, Cook-houses  &c

Dec 22

5 L.D. horses transferred to Bordon


Dec 25

Christmas Day: Divine Service as on Sunday


Dec 27

No. 3026 Dvr. PECK, R.       Tried by D.C.M. at Biscot Camp Luton

No. 2487 Gnr. KYTE, T.                                         “


Dec 28

Lt. RYDER, A.F.R.D., 3/5th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. attached to B1 Recruits Depot


Capt. SHUTER 3/5TH Lon. Bde. R.F.A. attached to B1 Recruits Depot


2nd Lt. CHAMBERLAIN, F., 3/6th Lon. Bde. Attached to “D” Battery


Dec 29

6 L.D. horses transferred to 62nd Divn. Arty., Northampton


Dec 30

2nd Lt. MARTIN, K.H., 3/5th         

2nd Lt. HILLIAR, L.J. 3/6th               Proceeded Overseas


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