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Serving the King: November 12th, 1914

The following are the latest additions to the list of sailors and soldiers from South Bedfordshire now serving the King.


Lieut Bryan S. BENNING, Royal Naval Air Squadron - West Street, Dunstable.

P.G. HERBERT: A.B., HMS Agamemnon - 60 Edward Street, Dunstable.

P. W. PLUMMER: HMS Marlborough - 10 Blyth Place, Luton.

Samuel WREN: A.B. R.F.R , official no. 1586, Mess No. 8, HMS Euryalus, Devonport Division - The Bungalow, Ramridge End, Stopsley.



Luton WW1 diary: November 5th, 1914

Stories from The Luton News: November 5th, 1914

A start has been made with the erection of huts for military purposes in the Luton district, but whether there is likely to be a scheme on any large scale is not known. At present the huts are being put up in small batches to meet immediate requirements in different parts of the district.

Thank you Luton, say departing Leicesters

With the imminent departure of men of the Leicestershire Regiment from Luton after their spell of training here, an unnamed member of the Leicesters wrote an article of appreciation to the the town and its people that was published in The Luton News.

On the eve of our departure from Luton, an appreciation of treatment by Lutonians is not only courtesy, but a positive duty. And as one who has been abundantly blessed by good treatment by everybody I have come in contact with, I felt that this article as a small thank offering would not come amiss.

Serving the King: November 5th, 1914

The Luton News invited readers to supply details of relatives on military service and periodically published its latest list. This one appeared on November 5th, 1914, but due to the delay in receiving up-to-date information it included men not known at that stage to have been killed on the battlefield or to have died from wounds.


Lieut-Commander C. S. BENNING: Submarine E5 - West Street, Dunstable.

Lieut WORMELL: HMS Faulkenor (late of Amphion) - 117 Ashburnham Road, Luton.

Twenty hours a day in the saddle

Private Harold De Frain, of the 12th Lancers, whose home address is 112 Leagrave Road, Luton, has sent home some very interesting letters from the fighting line. He left Norwich in the early days of the war, and since then has been through some stirring experiences. Of the four letters which have been kindly loaned to us, the first is dated September 21st. In this he says:

Grieving family loses three sons

A Luton family was mourning the death of a second son killed in France within the first three months of the outbreak of war - and a third son who had died at home.

Mr and Mrs John Weedon, of 53 Wimbourne Road, had learned in October that their son, Private 14903 Horace Weedon, aged 22, serving with No. 1 Company of the 2nd Grenadier Guards, had been killed in action in France on September 14th.

Dilemma of aliens' families in need

What should be done in the case of Luton wives and children of aliens who found themselves in difficulties through the arrest of their menfolk? Should they be helped - or allowed to starve?

They proved to be vexed questions at a meeting of Luton War Relief Committee. There was sympathy for the children but the attitude to aliens' wives ranged from sympathetic to "they shouldn't have married a foreigner".


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