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For King and country: March 4th, 1915


Who serves the King? More names of those who have joined the colours.

HARPER: Mr S. J., of 32 Brook Street, Luton, who is now serving with the 4th Battn, Beds Regt on the East Coast, is the third officer from the Board of Trade Labour Exchange at Luton to enlist. At present Mr Harper is on the sick list and in the Great Eastern Hospital, Harwich.

WHITTEMORE: Pte E. W., 4764, C Coy, 5th Battn, Beds Regt, Newmarket - 42 King's Road, Luton.

Diary: Military to pay for Wardown damage


Stories from The Luton News, Thursday, March 4th, 1915.

Wooden blocks from the floor of Wardown House had been used as firewood during its use as a military hospital. Luton Town Council's Parks Committee reported that the military authorities were to pay £29 19s 1d for damage to Wardown Mansion and a further £118 1s for damage caused by the military occupation of recreation grounds in Luton.

Beds Regt casualty list: March 1st, 1915


Beds Regiment casualty lists published on Monday, March 1st, 1915.


Bentley: Pte Ralph, 4/6961, 2nd Battalion, January 15th, 1015 (Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix).

Bone: Pte Charles Henry (33), 7820, 1st Battalion, January 15th, 1915 (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres).

Hearnden: Lance-Cpl John (27), 7842, 1st Battalion, January 15th, 1915 (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres).

Diary: Plait Hall recreation centre for troops


Stories from the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph, February 27th, 1915

The Waller Street Plait Hall is now open as a YMCA recreation centre for soldiers. The official opening does not take place until Monday evening, but soldiers who wanted to spend a pleasant hour or two last night soon found they were welcome despite the fact that the hall was officially not open, and tonight they will be welcomed just as cordially.

Cousins follow the same military careers


Two cousins - one serving with the Royal Sussex Regiment and the other with Royal Scots - had met by chance in Luton while on Christmas leave in 1908 and were surprised to discover they were both in the Army. Shortly after the outbreak of war, Jack, from Toddington, and Edward Hobbs, from Luton, again acted in tandem, receiving commissions as second-lieutenants with a few weeks.

Beds Regt casualty lists: February 1915


The following Bedfordshire Regiment men were included on the Saturday, February 20th, casualty list.



Toull: Pte Frank Walter (20), 3/7323, December 20th, 1914 (Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix)


Brock: Pte George William, 3/6732, December 28th, 1914 (Bailleul Communal Cemetery, Nord)



Billingham: Pte W., 9836

Brown: Pte A., 7912

Hat trade facing several dilemmas


The season is now so far advanced that the general character of the classes of hat that will be in demand this spring may be accurately indicated. The economic conditions of the country necessitate a general reduction in the prices of the hats, that may in some measure correspond with the diminishing purchasing power of the community.


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