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Beds Regt casualty list: February 13th, 1915



The following Bedfordshire Regiment casualties were reported on February 11th, 1915.


Skinner: Thomas, Pte 7498, aged 33, 1st Battalion, November 18th (Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery)

Hammond: M., Pte 3/8155, 1st Battalion, December 9th (Dranouter Churchyard)


Bacon J., 8208

Barber E., 9495

Brace Cpl F., 9001

Brown E., 7057

Bullen A. W., 8160

Charge Cpl R., 6807

Feary F., 8119

Rosy view of the progressive hat trade

While there was disquiet among workers in the hat trade over low wages, the local correspondent of the Hatters' Gazette painted a rosy picture of the industry.

He wrote that a tour of some of the factories of the neighbourhood was productive of several interesting results, and to the writer, who had known the straw trade for over 40 years, it was a real pleasure, filled with admiration, at the progressive enterprise of the various parties concerned in the trade.

Luton Swimming Club roll of honour

Luton Amateur Swimming Club have 37 members with the colours, according to a preliminary roll of honours issued by the Midland District A.S.A. One member, Mr W. Brandram, a regular swimmer and helper from Letchworth, is reported to have been killed at the front. Other members:

W. Land, Royal Engineers

S. Hawkins, North Midland R.F.A.

A. Harris, North Midland R.F.A.

A. Paramor, Beds Yeomanry

Mr Byran, Beds Yeomanry

L. E. Harris, Royal Engineers

P. Lovell, 23rd Battn, London Regiment

Beds Regt casualty list: February 5th, 1915

The following list of Bedfordshire Regiment casualties was issued on February 5th, 1915. Only names, initials and service numbers were notified at the time.



Brown I., 7947

Gray F., 8740

Jaggers H., 9587

Ward F., 5176



Bailey: Frederick, Pte 7469, 1st Battn, November 7th (St Julien Dressing Cemetery)

Beds Regt casualty list: February 1st, 1915

The following list of casualties was notified in connection with the Bedfordshire Regiment on Monday, February 1st, 1915.



Alderton L-Cpl R, 10205

Bartholomew T., 8318

Boniface B., 8318

Bonnett J., 6545

Brazier H., 9580

Brewer F., 6809

Bridge W., 7231

Brown R. A., 8827

Butcher F., 6509

Byatt C., 6100

Calver A. S., 8116

Carey Cpl J.H., 8179

Cater H., 10282

Chapman S., 7457

Colgrave A., 7301

Copping W. T., 10263


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