PoW's ordeals and putrid horse flesh

Prisoners of war anxious to let their families know they were still alive were probably not allowed to reveal the conditions under which they were being held captive in Germany and elsewhere. The intolerable conditions under which at least one Lutonian existed were to be revealed when Pte Thomas Samuels, 7572, Bedfordshire Regiment, came home as an exchange prisoner. He had spent over three years in prison camps in Germany and Russia before being transferred to Switzerland in December 1917 and finally getting home in June 1918 as Luton's first released PoW.

YWCA extension planned

Digest of stories from the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph: June 15th, 1918.

YMCA Hut, Luton

The work of the YWCA in Luton is of ever increasing value and usefulness. Under the direction of Miss Forman the Club [in Upper George Street] has increased its power and influence in the social life of a large section of the girls of the town.

Ex-reporter awarded Military Medal

Digest of stories from The Luton News: Thursday, June 13th, 1918.

We are pleased to hear that one of our old employees, Pte John Hayden Healey [102086, Notts & Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment], who was well known to people in Luton as he was on our reporting staff in connection with the publication of the Bedfordshire Advertiser, has been awarded the Military Medal for what is described in the official award as “a splendid example”.

Farmer missing after flash floods

Digest of stories from the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph: May 18th, 1918.

Last night there was a terrible tragedy at Flitwick. A thunderstorm raged from 4.30 to 7.30 and was of such extreme violence that in parts the roads were like rivers. Flagg Lane was a swirling torrent, and Canadian soldiers who were cutting trees in the vicinity had to dash for shelter.

DS&S first annual meeting

The first annual meeting of the Luton and district branch of the Discharged Soldiers and Sailors Federation was held at the new temporary offices in Church Street on Saturday evening [May 4th, 1918].

Mr H. W. Booth presided and expressed gratification at the splendid progress of the branch since its formation. He said they had over 300 members, and the membership was increasing rapidly.

DS&S men's march for widows and orphans

Digest of stories from The Luton News: Thursday, May 16th, 1918.

DS&S church parade 1918

The members of the Luton branch of the National Federation of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers made their first appearance in public on Sunday. They held a very successful church parade in aid of the widows and orphans of the men who have made the great sacrifice.


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