Wednesday night is concert night at Wardown

Concert parties at Wardown have not been invariably successful in the past, at any rate when they were seeking to make daily performances a commercial success, said an editorial comment in the Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph (June 10th, 1919). This year they are to be tried again, but on different lines, an occasional Wednesday evening performance being what we understand is proposed.

The Luton Red Cross Band have already given one or two experimental concerts on Wednesday evenings, with a fair amount of success, and as the Parks Committee have had before them an application by a local concert party for facilities to give entertainments in the Park it is now proposed to make Wednesday evening entertainments a feature of the summer season.

Present arrangements provide for the Red Cross Band to have the use of the bandstand on certain Wednesday evenings, and for the concert party to try their luck in other weeks.

They will have to be content with the bandstand as a stage, for the provision of anything else is the way of a stage is considered to be out of the question this season, and it will depend to a large extent on the amount of public support given to this experiment whether more elaborate facilities can be considered next year.

Incidentally, the Chairman of the Parks Committee and his good lady were present at the band concert on Sunday evening, and as they experienced a little difficulty in finding seats the Parks Committee will perhaps consider whether the present seating arrangements round the bandstand are adequate.

Hundreds of people were content to sit on the grass, but the vendor of the penny chair tickets could have taken considerably more money had there been more chairs to let. The money for the hire of the chairs goes not to the Band but to the Parks Committee, so perhaps we may hope for three rows instead of two as at present.