Volunteer Corps rules and enrolment

A good deal of work is being put in in connection with the Luton Detachment of the Volunteer Training Corps, and at the meeting of the Enrolment Committee on Tuesday evening 150 applications were received and passed.

Those applicants will receive notification of which of the evenings - tomorrow (Friday), Saturday, Monday and Tuesday - they should attend to complete the enrolment. A cordial invitation is extended to men of the town to join. They can make application personally at the times mentioned, or by letter to the Secretary, Mr H. E. Cain, at the headquarters, 3 Bank Chambers, King Street (over the London, City and Midland Bank).

Volunteer Training CorpsIt is understood that the General Committee at their meeting tonight will consider the adoption of the rules which have been drafted. The idea, it seems, is that every man who pays in to the common fund not less than £5 should be enrolled at once and that he shall be equipped with rifle and uniform as soon as they can be provided. Any man wishing to pay for his equipment by instalments to that amount may do so, and as many suitable men as can be obtained will be enrolled.

All will be drilled without distinction, and only the officers and sergeant-instructors will wear uniforms at the ordinary drills. We understand that the uniform in view is of such a material that unless, of course, such serious demands are made upon the material that it wears out, the uniform will be suitable for use at the end of the war as a sports suit.

According to the scheme, we understand, the rifle will be the property of each member paying equipment money, but all the rifles will be kept together at the armoury, and at the disposal of the whole detachment at the discretion of the commandant. This means that if there are 100 rifles found there will be enough to drill 500 men, because the members of course cannot all get off to drill at the same time.

The sixpence per week which every member is to pay will, it is expected, provide funds for the purchase of ammunition for range-firing and pay the expenses of the drill hall etc.

[The Luton News, December 17th, 1914]