Victory Loan campaign takes off

Victory Load advert

[From the Luton News: Thursday, June 10th, 1919]

“If you know a better loan – go to it,” is the advice of one of the advertising streamers which have been a feature of the Luton streets during the past week, in connection with the borough's campaign on behalf of the Victory Loan. The adaptation of a well-known Bairnsfather dictum is embellished with a representation of “Ole Bill”.

The attractive character of the loan terms had already been fully dealt with, and needs no further commendation. The fullest co-operation of the Banks has been readily forthcoming in this effort to re-establish national finance on a sound basis, and the Council Chamber has been utilised as an information bureau and a depot for the sale of War Savings Certificates, being open daily for this purpose from 11am till 8pm.

Excellent progress was made on the opening day of the local effort (Monday), and at the close of the day the total announced was £136,700. The total last night (Wednesday) was £176,642.

On Tuesday there was an exhibition of stunt flying by a large Avro aeroplane from Hendon, leaflets urging the advantages and claims of the loan being scattered over the town from the giddy heights above. Propaganda balloons were also objects of considerable interest in the town on Monday.

Mr Percy Carter, in his capacity of Acting Secretary to the Luton War Savings Committee, has been indefatigable in his efforts, and has enjoyed the valuable assistance of a large and energetic band of helpers.

Mr Carter was informed this morning that investors of £5,000 or over may have a free flight in a Service machine, provided they do so at their own risk.