Russell Rise housing scheme

Russell Rise housing plan

[Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph: July 12th,1919]

By the courtesy of the Borough Engineer, Mr J. W. Tomlinson, we are able to reproduce this plan of the layout of the site at Russell Rise which the Corporation of Luton are acquiring for one portion of their housing scheme.

For the present, the principal access to the estate will be by Hillborough Road, but the convenience of residents when the houses are built there will be a footpath leading from Russell Rise.

The plan shows the proposed grouping of these houses, and also the arrangement by which there will be two pieces of allotment ground – one just behind the houses at the St Saviour's Crescent end of Russell Rise, and the other right in the centre of the houses.

In no case does any block of houses extend to more than eight, and in several places there are only three.

It will be noted that the road numbered 4 is designed to make provision for some ornamental gardens. All the roads will be planted with trees, and this feature, together with the absence of long, monotonous rows of houses, and the general planning of the estate, will give it a much more attractive appearance than has been obtained in some of the later-developed areas of the town.

It is intended under the Town Planning Scheme that at some later date this area shall have direct road communication across the hills to the Ashburnham Road.