Riot Act rumour at Beech Hill Depot

[Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph: May 10th, 1919]

There was a rumour in the town this afternoon that the Riot Act was read at the parade of the men of the Remount Depot, Dunstable Road, this morning – but it is quite untrue.

It is well known that many men serving have been urged by agitators up and down the country to demobilise themselves on the ground that this weekend completed the “six months after war” - that vague term under which so many men enlisted.

We learn that Col Part, the Commanding Officer, is on leave, but the orders for today, read on parade and posted, included the War Office interpretation of the “six months after war” and it points out that the war did not end with the armistice.

We are informed, also, that there is no trouble whatever at the Depot.