Leagrave and Limbury Peace Day plans

[From The Luton News: Thursday, April 24th, 1919]

A long and rather discursive joint meeting of Leagrave and Limbury Parish Councils was held at Norton Road Schools last evening to consider the question of Peace celebrations. Practically the whole of the discussion, however, centred round the financial aspect.

It was reported that Messrs Hewlett & Blondeau, of the Omnia Works, had offered the use of their ground and mess-room and to provide, through their caterers, tea for the children of the two parishes.

The question arose as to the amount of money to be raised, and the means whereby it should be obtained. The Rev S. H. Collins thought it was useless to try to raise the funds by public subscription.

It was suggested that the celebrations take the form of a tea for all the children, as proposed by Messrs Hewlett & Blondeau, with sports, music and other entertainments. As some doubt existed as to the legality of levying a rate to the provide the money, the Clerk was asked to enquire into this and report later.

In the discussion it was suggested that a joint meeting of both parishes be called; that the first step should be (a) to decide on the amount necessary, or (b) to draw up a programme and then decide upon the money required; and many other varied and sometimes conflicting opinions, leading to no decision. However, it was decided that the two parishes should combine in the matter, whatever steps are taken.

The Clerk said he had just made a new rate – the same amount as the old; and there would be no chance of making a further rate until September. He did not know it was suggested to pay for the celebrations out of the parish funds, and had made no provision for that.

It was estimated that not less than £200 would be needed, and, to “get on with the business,” Mr Hull moved that the offer of the Omnia Works be accepted with thanks. Mr Swallow seconded.

The question whether the ground was large enough was next raised, and members suggested that use might be made of a field belonging to Commercial Cars Ltd, the schools and a hired marquee.

It was further suggested that the offer be not accepted straight away, but that a committee be formed with power to co-opt Omnia representatives to thrash the matter out. The latter proposition came from Mr Lovett as an amendment, and on being put was carried.

The following committee was appointed. Leagrave: Messrs Wingrave, Sole, Andrews, Watkin, Healey and Fensome. Limbury: Messrs Brooker, Freeman, Hull, Cleaver, Way and George.

Mr Way proposed that the councils raise £200 for the tea and sports, but the question of the legality of raising a rate again cropped up. It was thought by some members that if a rate could be levied that should be done. The resolution, altered to read “not less than £200,” was passed.

The Rev Collins had previously brought up the matter of celebration by a religious service; and the Limbury Clerk (Mr G. Maidment) moved, as a “Nonconformist,” that such a service be held. An amendment was proposed that this be left to the committee, and further tentative proposals came quickly from all parts of the room.

One member remarked that we had lost a million lives, and it was not much to give thanks for; and another thought we should give thanks for the greatest victory in the history of the world, past, present and future.

Finally, it was unanimously resolved that a religious service be held on the morning of the day of the celebration.

On the proposition of Mr Hull, two sub-committees were appointed to deal with finance and sport, and to report to the next meeting of the two parishes.