Healthy response to hospital's needs

A Bute Hospital Work Guild is helping to provide ward linen and ward clothes for the patients while in the Bute Hospital.

This year, owing to the troops being in the town, there has been a great increase in the number of patients and consequently more wear and tear on the linen. A special appeal is therefore being made for sheets, draw-sheets, pillow cases, bed jackets, towels, shirts, nightdresses etc.Bute Hospital men's ward pre-WW1

The Guild consists of associates and assistant workers, each of whom contributes annually two articles of clothing or household linen and a subscription of one shilling. Each associate has to find at least three assistant workers from each of whom year by year she collects the garments or linen and subscription, and these have to be forwarded not later than November 30th to the hospital.

Many of the Red Cross workers in Luton are taking up the support of this Guild and just recently they have had the opportunity to experience hospital work. It was arranged that in view of the war and the possibility of the Local Detachment being required to find nurses for work in or out of the country, the ladies connected with the Society now "walk" the hospital to gain experience of accident and other cases and assist in nursing duties.

Matron Miss Poulton fell in with the idea and she and her staff have done everything in their power to make the Red Cross nurses feel at home in their duties. As one local lady remarked, a couple of days of practical experience in the hospital was worth more than a full course of lectures. The Territorial doctors have also spared no pains to assist them to understand the cases.

[The Luton News, November 5th, 1914]