German propaganda with racial scorn

A Swiss newspaper which has been received in Luton gives a German review of the early stages of the war.

It states: "After eight weeks of war the German armies are in the heart of France, are besieging Antwerp, are in Russian Poland and are in the Baltic provinces of Russia. They have won dozens of great battles, and have not lost a single one. They have taken a number of fortresses of the first importance and have not had to give up one siege. They have, in their heavy artillery, in the war in the air and under the water, shown a very powerful superiority. They have captured nearly 2,000 cannons and made 350,000 prisoners."

Referring to the present strength of the German army, the report proceeds: "Her power is still unimpaired, and there are an enormous number of reserves which have not yet been called into the field. Anyone who can understand the military and political importance of those factors - and there are others which are not enumerated - will see which way the hands of the war clock are pointing, and cannot have any doubt about it at all. No new Indian regiments will help here, not any Indian princes clad in jewelled turbans."

With regard to the battle of Augustow, where the Russians claimed to have inflicted such terrible losses on the German forces, it is stated: "There is a great understanding about the Russian victory of Augustow. The latest German news at this shows very clearly that the Germans won that battle.

"Another question will also be whether Japanese troops have taken part. According to credible reports, a Japanese army arrived at Vilna some days ago. For yellow races in Europe against European cultured states, England and Russia will have to pay a terribly high price. Hindus in France, Negroes near Paris, Japanese in Vilna, it is simply shameful."

The report says nothing about German losses in the battle of the Marne, and the gentleman who brought this report before our notice, said he would be ashamed to think the Swiss people believed the German lies with which they were flooded.