Biscot Camp planner promoted to captain

Capt Ernest Samuel Cross ChiversThe Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph of January 11th, 1919, reported the promotion to the rank of Captain of Lieut Ernest Samuel Cross Chivers (Royal Engineers), who was in charge of the Military Works Service at Karachi, Hyderabad, India. He was the London-born son of Ernest John and Sarah Emma, then living at 21 Ashton Road, Luton.

His promotion, announced in the India Gazette, dated back to September 1918. The occasion was marked by a 'tamasha' in which he was adorned in flower chains and presented with an address by staff, and it came as news of the armistice had been received.

Capt Chivers, born on December 20th, 1886, was the youngest garrison commander in Hyderabad, and had been presented with a 'Rajah's coat,' colourful attire given as a mark of respect by Indians to Europeans. He was the first M.W.S. Officer in the area to received the distinction.

Before going overseas, Capt Chivers executed and planned works that included the Biscot and Stockwood Camps in Luton.