With the 5th Beds: On the march

The unnamed Territorial serving with the 5th Beds regiment who wrote a letter to The Luton News on August 12th, 1914, sent a further progress report in a letter dated August 19th. He wrote: the 5th Bedfordshire Regiment march through Houghton Regis in 1914Since writing you last week things have altered somewhat with the 5th Battalion Beds Regiment. We continued for the rest of the week in our billets in the schools without much excitement, except when the Adjutant borrowed the Scout-sergeant's bike and got mixed up with a motor car, reducing the bike to a pretty figure, but fortunately not damaging the officer.

At the church parade last Sunday, the Brigadier announced that we should move for a four or five days' route march, going north, but not of course announcing our destination. We started off on Monday morning, carrying on our persons the necessities as laid down by the Army authorities, and after 17 or 18 miles we turned into a beautiful park, and spreading our waterproof sheets on the ground, rolled ourselves up in our blankets and overcoats and slept with the sky for our canopy.

This has been repeated for Tuesday and Wednesday, and still no-one knows officially our destination, but if we continue to be favoured with fine weather as at present we shall not hurt.